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Product Code: DLTC3050 Hydraulic Drum Trailer

Application: used for cable drum hauling and cable pulling-pushing. Equipped with hydraulic hand device, can lift cable drum easily. The traction tire on the font of cable trailer can change angle at random and easy to move. Equipped with damping device, the stability of trailer was increased greatly. Remarks: the trailer can be transported by container after disassembly.
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Product No.

Rated load

Applicable drum diameter

Applicable drum width Axle bar diameter
DLTC3050-1 3T ≤φ2400mm ≤1400mm φ76mm
DLTC3050-2 5T ≤φ2800mm ≤1600mm φ90mm
DLTC3050-3 8T ≤φ3400mm ≤1800mm φ120mm
DLTC3050-4 10T ≤φ3600mm ≤2000mm φ150mm

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